The beauty and power of motherhood

June 7, 2024 In Home Lifestyle, Maternity

I love when clients trust my vision and I can wrap multiple seasons, hobbies and interest into one session. A way to highlight who a person is on so many levels. This was a total blast of a session being able to show off so many sides to this amazing mama to be.

She is a paramedic, a firefighter, a CrossFitter and an Oly Lifter. This mama is an absolute powerhouse and force to be reckoned with. Every time my money would be on this woman right here. Watching her in the gym is always incredible, but has only become even more inspirational as she's gotten ready to welcome her new little love into the world.

On top of all of her accomplishments, her strength is matched by kindness, friendship and an amazing sense of humor. This woman is radiantly beautiful with a smile that lights up a room. Wherever she is, there is always going to be laughter and joy following close behind. Speaking of following we cannot forget her amazing little fire pup Belle who is just the sweetest and goodest girl there is. Belle loves to snuggle not only her mom, but her future little bestie.

Here is to the mothers. We can be all the things, do all the things and shine in all the ways. I can't wait to hold you little bebe!