Hi Friends!

My name is Edith after my great grandmother. My biggest loves in my life are Jesus Christ and my family. I am married to the boy next door who I met in 7th grade. I am the very blessed mama to two very wild boys who keep me on my toes from sunrise until sunset. They are born climbers who I daily encourage to fly high in every way they can. Most of my gray hairs come from their daily death defying antics that precede constant screams of laughter. Our life is loud, full of adventure and blessed in every day.


I absolutely love the bold, rich colors that are the most visual part of my style. Beyond the color, my heart is to capture the blessings of your story. I believe that the everyday-ordinary should not only be deeply cherished, but also documented in all of it’s wild chaotic glory. I want to photograph all the things we tend to forget in the midst of it all. From the way our bellies grew, to the pair of butterfly wings our littles refused to take off, how mommy or daddy always came to the teddy bear rescue or the joy of making a big mess on homemade pizza night. One day those seasons will pass and we’ll be watching our whole heart say I do as they start their own journey. Our family, our love, our life is tucked into all of these memories. These moments in between the years that hold our hearts…that’s the good stuff. The stuff made of laughter, imagination, celebration and endless simple kisses.

Lets capture those together.