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Your Blessings From My Ashes

Those little bowed knees. Another gift from your flat footed mama. Sometimes I struggle with all of the ailments ive passed onto you. Pronation, no arches or ankle support begin to fill my mind. Added to the long list of “gifts”. Everyday I see them mounting, the trials ahead lay waiting in fear.

Yet the words of my mama ring in my ears “all that we endure should give us wisdom to prepare the youth we raise. Sometimes our ailments are simply a way to grow in understanding so that we can more successfully help our children. So their life can be different. Better.”

My mom discovered her ailments late in her age, which made me aware enough to discover them in my thirties. My sweet baby is three & we have most of them figured out. His life will be different. It will be better. And when it’s not I will be able to sympathize.

God has made him a mighty man with a great calling. These ailments are all part of his testimony. They are what will make him who he is. Intertwined in his giftings, his abilities, his perfect design. The wisdom I carry will allow me to raise him in spite of it all, to use them as tools, to proclaim them a blessing.

Passing down ailments to our babes is hard. But there is good in that story. Purpose is breathed into what we once saw as a curse. God has blessed all those who’ve passed them down with the most intimate glimps into their world. For that is beautiful.

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