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You Unravel Me

Today I found myself spun tight in a stress ball. Even my muscles refused to relax. This journey towards answers of intolerances, nutrition & diets had me at my wits end. Yet even through the months of frustration & even though I wanted to simply pull the covers over my head…I picked up my stress ball, loaded the yoga mat & sat in a warm room asking God to speak. Today I entered heavy.

He has a way of so speaking softly. Delicately his words of affirmation, woo us to believe in the goodness of our design. That it is not broken or flawed. As the sweat ran heavy from every pore I could feel my heart detoxing false whispers. The more I pushed, the more I stretched, the more I focused on the abilities he’s given, the more I was able to see that the good outweighs the bad. And slowly, move by move, breath by breath he was able to unravel that knot I’d worked myself into.

It is through our pursuit of chasing answers & pressing in, that we will not only find out all that we are, but also all of the good that lies within. This is the journey he asks us to walk. To discover ourselves. Today I’m grateful that yoga has given me a place to process, to stretch myself, to quiet my mind enough to hear him speak.

Today I was unraveled.

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