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You Are Worth Your Own Time

So here is where I want to be a little honest. I am terrible at scheduling myself. Let me rephrase, I am terrible at making sure I don’t overbook myself. Every year I look at my calendar & claim no more! Yet I figure out a way to work just as much as I did in the past. But this year we have a little & I am a weekday single mommy. As much as I’d like to say that after 5 years I’ve got it figured out I don’t…and this year proved that in a deep sense. With tired eyes we looked at each other & knew we needed to run. Clear our plates, say our apologies & put our family first. I am grateful for Gods grace, for his booming voice in our hearts. He knows deeper than we do.

So we ran. Away to the little town for an old fashioned town fair, the littles first parade & a last family vacation before we hugged our friends who have moved so far away. We ran to the coast because God gave us a haven, dropped perfectly in our laps. The sweetest family ran with us, everyone escaping the weight of our tasks, our schedules, our over worked hours. We all sat together in that house, breathing in each other as our children grew even closer. Finally we ran, just with us. And strength was renewed, a fresh wind spoke into our souls & love poured from our weary hearts.

So when you get that inkling that you may need to honor the time of your family…cancel your appointments, say apologies & grab the hands of your littles who so desperately need you.

And run.

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