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Worry Not

It’s where many of us base a lot of our life out of. Worrying about tomorrow’s plans, lunches, dinners. Worrying about self judgement, self image, self goals. Worrying about future finances, future jobs, education for our kids before their first year. Do I read scripture enough, serve enough, say yes enough, pour out enough.

Do I make a difference.

Do I matter.

We are all drowning in worry.

And worry robs from us. It robs truth about our self beauty. It robs intentional time with others. It robs the joy we can have in the present moment. It robs us from living out our purpose. It robs us from believing we are enough. It robs us from knowing those 8 million tedious little tasks is an anointed calling. It robs us from sleep, so much sleep. It robs our freedom….to just live. And breath.

We are always one step ahead. Preparing for tomorrow as today slips away. Our minds race with chaotic scenarios that probably will never happen. And yet this is the place in which we function from.

So where does that leave today? Inhale his peace, exhale the worry. The fear. The guilt. The stress. I heard tonight that as much as he takes our sins….he also takes the rest. It is not meant for us to hold on to. To live in. We must hand it over so there is space for his goodness. If we cannot give it, then we pray that he delicately takes his big rough papa hands, unfolds our fists, smiles peace into our hearts & say this belongs to me, let me have this my love. It is his.

Inhale. Exhale.

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