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When God Speaks Louder

God will shake you, but it is up to us to choose how we respond. Will we stop & listen? Or will we continue to go about our lives amidst the chaos as if there’s no earthquake. Either way we can rest assured that we will be shaken.

I heard this on the radio the other day & it’s been circling in my mind ever since. Sometimes we continue to fight these earthquakes, this shaking, as a battle that must be won. Claiming it as attack that is out to bring destruction.

Yet sometimes…sometimes God just needs to be loud with us. To shake us so we will finally sit still. So we will listen. So we will pay attention.

Tonight I sat once again stuck in pain, missing another beloved yoga class, praying for answers & an end to the mysterious illness yet to be named. Praying for wisdom…for anything. And so he spoke.

Diamonds are only found deep within the earth. Surrounded by mountains of rock. Only to be reached by miners chipping away & breaking them free. God sees the endless supply of diamonds that lie within us. Of our abilities, our callings, our giftings. He longs for us to walk fully in all that we are so he goes after those diamonds. And sometimes it means we must feel as if we are being broken in war. Yet out if his love & mercy we are crushed in order for the very best of us may be set free.

Sometimes he just needs to be loud.

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