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We’re All Learning

This season is so new. So strange. With one job I have to fight myself to keep the to do list clear. Him without homework discovering what free time means. The little growing his heart while discovering his boundaries.

We’re all in a place of adjustment, of learning, of growing. All trying to find ourselves while being sensitive to each other. There’s so many things going on at once that sometimes I forget about the other persons journey. That others are stumbling through this new season as well. 

I must take my eyes off myself & remember that transformation is making others walk in uncomfortable ways just as I am. That their journey of self is just as hard as mine. And I am not the teacher. That humility is taking place but I am not the one who needs to be doing the humbling. To simply pray, let go & allow God to work. 

When I can see the journeys beginning to clash I need to hit pause. To say lets go find some air. Rain or shine. Warm or cold. Tired or rested. We need space & we need it now. I’m learning to lift my eyes off of myself. To see their journeys. Their walks. Their hearts. 

This is our 7th year together. The first year with so much resting. The year God has asked us to hit pause on the world. This is our sabbath year.

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