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Weak Made Strong

Today we sang this song & my heart was so overwhelmed. We all have areas of our lives that we are weak. Physical illness, mental strongholds, addictions, emotional unbalance, believing lies about ourselves, biased judgement. Everyone struggles. Every. Single. One. Some are visible. Some lie deep beneath the surface hidden well from others.

So when we sang this I noticed one thing. It says the weak made strong. Not the weak are healed. Not the weak are cured. Just that we are made strong. Huh. Yes being radically healed or cured is a miracle in itself that brings a glorious testimony of Gods power but then what would happen to the trial? To the story we are writing about endurance? Like the next part says, through the storm. Not around it.

It is an even bigger victory if we can overcome without hearing the word healed. If people with struggles can thrive just as they are isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t that speak volumes about strength, perseverance & endurance? About faith? 

Because our weakness is supposed to stop us. It is supposed to keep us. We are not supposed to be able to accomplish even the most trivial of tasks because physical or mentally we are supposed to be unable. But he is able. So despite everything we are not supposed to do, we do. And we thrive.

We are strong because he is strong. We are able because he is able. Storm and all. Even through the storm, we are strong.

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