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Unrush Me

It amazes me how instantly we can fall back into the habits of old. The very ones we prayed release from, swore we’d never return to, vows to stand against…and yet here we stand. In the middle of our mess.

Tonight I looked at my calendar. An ocean of highlighted appointments, to dos, social events. Where did my promise to rest go? When did it fall silently beneath the waters? How are those minute hands already ticking so near to the next day?

Whether we admit it or not, realize it it not, take notice or not this place will come to us countless times a day. We will come to this crossroads almost daily. Yet each time we have a choice. We can continue to stand still, lost in the frazzle. Admit defeat, shrugging our shoulders as we watch the promise sail off. Or.

Or we can turn around. Again. Looking at the place were in & asking God to help us rearrange. Reorganize. Resituate. Sometimes we cannot fix the countless yeses we’ve already spoken. Sometimes those are roads we simply must walk. But the way in which we walk can place us back on the path of his will. Completing obligatory tasks but praising through it all. Claiming I will only work until this hour, on these days, with a heart of joy. God does not see how often we stand before crossroads. He only sees how often we choose to turn around. This testing I am so far from good at. Yet I refuse to stop fighting, to stop turning around, to stop trying.

We can still claim that victory of rest inside our own yes mess.

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