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Underlining His Love


On Thursday our house church met for a night of worship & pouring over the word as we felt lead. There were so many amazing hearts that spoke out. Giving new eyes to Gods glory we sang hallelujah

I pulled my bible to browse where my heart took me. Instead I opened to a page that was blank, the corner folded over for years. I have no idea as to why the spot was saved other than the night God chose to reveal it to my weary heart

Trust in him is sometimes a beautiful hard. We love him so deeply but the seasons are so heavy. A struggle of press & pull rises until we look into the storm to choose faith

So I took my pen to underline every example of love, mercy, glory, sovereignty, faithfulness, grace & goodness. At the end we prayed out for each other & I stared at his word underlined in love. If we would only press through to get in his word there is so much hope that lies within the pages. His spirit longs to encourage us if we’d only take a moment. Our hearts would rise to the daylight signing This! This is my God! Look at how good he is! Look at his love

I encourage you. God created this entire world in a matter of days. Think about what amazing miracles he could begin to do in your life if you gave him even just a few minutes

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