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I think we need to be honest with the fact that a portion of toddlerhood has nothing to do with your parenting. As perfect as it may be, the irrational is part of the age. Here is where grace needs to bring about a peace to these momma hearts. Where we need to understand that we are parents & we need to embrace this responsibility of shaping them
Here we begin to understand that give & take as children of the Lord. His raising of us becomes less like a fog. As we walk this road of molding our own we better can understand the process of his steady firm grip. His discipline seems less unfair.

When you hold clay on a chaotic spinning wheel to mold a piece you must open your hands, yet keep them firm. As it spins, it forms beneath your hands that remain set, steady, never wavering. The same is true for the molding if these wild hearts. We learn to dance in the give & take, but ultimately in choosing our battles we must remain firm. To hold our grip until the edges are smooth, the hearts soft to Jesus. Through Christ who gives abundant strength we must understand the end of the race.

It is never about actually getting them to eat dinner. Or the picking up of the toys. Or the come here now because I said so’s. It is always about salvation. We must keep pressing in to mold the hearts & win the souls of our babes.

Stand firm, and you will win life. Luke‬ ‭21‬:‭19‬ NIV

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