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Time Out Mommy

Mommy needs a timeout from this weekend. A series of frustrating events put me in a funk & I became a pout pout fish with a very pout pout face. My biggest regret was that my grumpy mood spread through the house.

Often I hear of toddlers having frequent “bad days”. More & more without reason. The mothers tired & frustrated in an all to familiar tone. Yet I ask them in the same manner I ask myself “how much intentional time have you spent with them?” I don’t mean in the same room while you do chores or to-dos. I mean on the floor playing trains, reading books for the 700th time or running a make believe bakery. I’m talking about with the phone on silent, put away, true & honest total time with them. For over 5 minutes?

It stings when I realize his bad attitude & not listening is the aftershock of me being over busy. Their hearts cry out in the only way that makes us look. Because good or bad were still looking. They reach a point all to often when they’re little of whatever it takes.

They need us. All of us. Unfortunately not forever. A fact we are always forgetting or waving off like an annoying nagging fly. They need us now. Even if it’s only 15 minutes before the chores start. That intentional time where we hold their hearts will set the rhythm the day. And when we reach the point we both are breaking…that is the moment we check ourselves. A moment we teach them of humility, apologies & forgiveness. It is through our faults they can learn of grace.

Someone asked me the other day how I work full time & run the whole house. I smiled & said with love “not well & with a lot of grace”…and a few time outs.

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