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The Posture Of My Heart

I saw this scripture this morning & it resonated so deeply. Repeatedly I read it, letting it sink in. Sink into places that make us uncomfortable. Sink into places where truth needs to be spoken. Sink into hard places, hidden places we refuse to admit exist.
Today has been a full day of heart issues. It’s amazing how heavy they can become. How many are weighed down by our own selves. Our own actions. Our own decisions. We stand to realize how heavy they can become by the knowing the burdens of others, yet without knowing burdens of ourselves.

The truth is we are the caretakers of our hearts. It is our decision to choose joy or to choose hate. To choose to pray for our enemies or to complain about them. It is us that is in charge of how pure our intentions really are. To serve others? To serve God? To serve ourselves? We are the ones who’s actions can determine the state of another’s. Whether we choose to admit it, if we are right or wrong He knows. And we should seek to ask where our hearts truly stand.

Here is my challenge to you. What is the state of your heart? What are your intentions? Who do they benefit? Who do they affect? How much are you willing to give up or lay down in order to do his will or love as Christ loves? Regardless of our answers…have you asked God? I mean really asked him to be bluntly honest with you. Many of us are afraid of his answer. That he will tell us our own agenda has been first for far to long. That we have burned bridges that could’ve been salvaged. That our words have cut deeper than we realize. That our decisions have put our image above his will. That our pride has guided our judgments. That our heats…have weighed down another’s.

This morning he sent me this scripture…and it was good.

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