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The Harvest Waits For No One

The harvest waits for no one. When those plants are ready, you either pick or you lose them. This week I’m supposed to be hardcore working out for my vacation starting next weekend. Instead it was pickles yesterday, kale chips tonight & freezing zucchini tomorrow. With more on the way. It’s just the way it is.
Yet tonight I felt so spoken to by God. When he’s ready, he’ll come. Not when we’re ready, not when we have free time, not when we’ve organized our schedules to “fit him in”. And we either respond when he calls or we may lose the blessing. One that’s been growing far longer than we could see, waiting until the timing was perfectly ripe. Waiting until it was ready. The longer we wait the more it fades, rots, breaks down.

Just as I’ve spent countless hours in that garden pouring out my soul to reap the fruit (in this case veggies), I so must pour myself out for Christ. To wait for his fruit. His gifts. His blessings.

Whenever the time comes for the harvest we must respond. Or we will watch our hard work become once again part of the soul. For us to try again later.

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