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The Fruit From Chaos


So often I hear about how others wish this season was different for us. That we didn’t have to spend the weekdays with daddy away at school working hard. People asks the “would you still if you knew”s. Constantly we hear how others just couldn’t & that they’re sorry the season is hard. And to them with a laugh & a smile I say:

It is hard, but no.

I wouldn’t change a thing. The chaos of a working “single” mom. Bring it. The sleepless nights with a sick kiddo. Come on. The frenzy of shuttling to dr apts around work schedules. I got this. Dinner time, bathtime, bedtime, all with just two hands. I’ll take it. Even though I fully agree it’s hard I wouldn’t change a single thing. Not one.

Because I have something that can never be bought with all the time in the world nor obtained if daddy was home every night. There is a bond. Between my sweet little & I. It has grown from every trial we have walked together & been nourished with every laughter we’ve shared. We cling together through the sickness, his arms tucked into mine so tight. House rules we learn & develop together teaching each other’s heart every day. My little mess maker becomes my little helper. These moments. These nights of just us are precious because they are as fleeting as the days of his youth. Now is the time, when my little is little. To nourish the roots so they will grow deep. To cultivate that relationship that will always remain fiercely strong.

The thrill & excitement he has with daddy cannot be had if life were any other way. Every second spent with daddy so important, his simple heart already understanding intentional time. Like a little shadow he’s always near to his hero. Only leaving for nap time, but even then daddy must wake him. This bond they grow is rooted in quality time & shrill excitement.

These lessons he is learning, the way in which his heart is growing. No other way could this be formed. Only in this season do we see such a work of God every day. When you stand in the place God has called you, the blessings of the heart will span the years & you will bare fruit far beyond your wildest dreams. I will take every precious, glorious moment of this crazy season with an open heart.

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