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Around My Home – The Coming of Elijah

I’ve gotten a lot of questions behind the story of our son from loved ones near & far. Every time I smile as I get to share the goodness of our father.

Early in the year God spoke to my husband & told him we would have a child. In March we found out that God’s word was true even to the first of the month. Our son had begun his story all of which would be foretold. Even though fear crept in during the first 12 weeks, visions given that we would not only have our little one, but that he would be on fire for the Lord. That he would chase after the heart of God. We had prayed for a first born son, our hearts desire. In anticipation & humanly doubt we attempted to come up with a girls name as well. Earlier God had spoken our son’s name to my husband during church. Keeping the name a secret I began to research the story behind the name Elijah. As I read the word, about this prophet who walked in a blind faith that so many of us can only hope to one day carry I fell in love. My daily prayer became one asking God to be true & give us our very own Elijah. He was a man of God, walking closely with the Lord. Always a very matter of fact faith, blind like a child. Strong in his will, stronger in his prayers.

God always gives what he speaks. When we had our baseball themed gender reveal (check it out here) we carried that hope onto the field. Again the nature of our fallen world carried doubt, but we knew God was giving us a son. He had been foretold. The blue powder exploded with my heart. I would have my son, my Elijah, my little heaven on earth.

Originally we were told the due date was December 8th, but then it switched to the 2nd as he grew. As a busy bee, God brought the snow & I slowed. Funny how sometimes all it takes is a blanket of white to make you pause. Look at the home, the world with eyes who can see the change coming. Knowing that this is the stillness before the holy earthquake. We shoveled the driveway daily in case our little man came unexpectedly…something I never thought I’d do in Oregon or 9 months pregnant. On the cold winter night we knew it was time. The roads empty, I was the only one in the delivery ward I’m told. Early in the morning, just as predicted, on December 8th  our son joined the world.

I’ve stared a thousand times into those little eyes that look back. Not only were we blessed with our hearts desire, but he looks just like my husband. Gazing to his provider for nourishment, loving arms, giggly kisses & safety. Prayers poured over him in the dead of night. The weeks have been long & the nights longer. Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just as we constantly can wear on our Father I am reminded of his love for us. We cry out when we need him, his heart swells at the first sign of our smiles from blessings. He carries us in his arms when we need him, always there, always strong enough. On Christmas I can’t stop thinking about Mary. As she stared into a very similar baby, the whirlwind of thoughts swirling through her mind about the son she was told she would raise. God loved us so much along with the connection we have with Jesus, he gave mothers a connection to Mary. Someone who we can look at knowing that even our father has brought us a familiar walk through motherhood.

There is no greater job than the one God has called us to. We are blessed to love, what he gives as all good & perfect gifts are from above.

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