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The Beauty of Church Hopping

Something that’s held my thoughts captive, my mind spinning & keeps circulating. Yesterday we visited another local church to hear a pastor we’ve never listened to before. A handful found out after asking about our Sunday, why we weren’t at church or saying hello once we arrived to the other local church.

Without hesitation almost word for word each person immediately asked “Oh are you switching churches?” Valid yes, but I was so caught off guard by the repetition of answering so immediately. Many other questions about our experience followed but the very first words uttered in response by each individual was if we sought to leave our home church. To clarify no we are not.

For some reason that hasn’t left my mind in almost a day. So much so that I feel spurred to challenge others to test waters beyond their walls of comfort. Having a home church is vital. The bonds you form will carry you, cover you & cultivate you. You cannot grow when you keep others safely on the surface so you must find a place you can go deep.

However. God has given an incredible gift of teaching the word to so many more than I can count. His heart speaks through thousands of gifted pastors who have seen the world from different eyes, different pasts & different experiences. We can grow so much from hearing the bible explained in different ways, different examples, different analogies. The way in which he can reach a soul is not through the voice of one but through many. We are often encouraged to read all sorts of authors or bloggers, but why are we rarely encouraged to hear different pastors? Or visit different churches?

I follow dozens of pastors, podcasts, radio shows, authors. Through so many different ways of infests bring his word I can then turn & better share my heart for God. You see the more languages we learn to speak the more individuals we can communicate with. The more we can be compassionate with. The more we can understand.

Some of my current or frequent favorites are listed above but it’s only a snapshot of a long list. As it should be. We need to learn to hear from many in order to speak to many. In order to grow. To love.

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