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Strong Is The New Skinny


I new Today I wanted to take a victory picture for myself, for those still fighting the battle, for a part of my testimony. @fitforlifepdx sent me this shirt without ever knowing the truth it held. For years I’ve struggled with self acceptance. Always a battle to stay skinny, stay small, stay tiny. And if you are that way naturally, you are beautiful. And if you’re not that way naturally, you are beautiful. I am not built that way & it was always hard for me.

This last year has been an amazing journey of accepting, celebrating & loving who I am. Naturally. I love this shirt because anyone can be strong. It’s something that isn’t just about your physical shape. It’s about the courageous person that roars from the inside. That puts all the pressure from the world in the corner & walks confidently in the creation of Gods design.

I’m so happy to finally stand in skin I love, in muscles I’m proud of. I’m happy to be new, to be healthy, to be strong.

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