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Stop Apologizing 

What is one of the greatest lessons I’m learning as a mom? What is the one thing I’d like to see spread to other parents? To STOP APOLOGIZING to yourself & others for your parent
ingSeriously! We’ve got to knock this bashing ourselves, trying to do it all, putting everyone else first, people pleasing, pinterest obsessed, performance parenting crap the heck off. Like forever. Starting now!

Here’s the deal. God knew all your past, all of who you are & chose YOU to raise this babe. You. Not the person raising their eyebrows at your bottle feeding, breastfeeding, pacies, thumbsucker, toddler tantrum, home school, public school, organic life, processed food, no tv, cartoon sanity break, blah blah blah they’re not the one raising your kid 24/7 behind closed doors. In all honesty there will always be someone who thinks we’re doing it wrong.

But the only one that matters is the God who knows you’re doing it right. The kid who runs to you for an embrace knows the priority of all you do lies in them. Your family first is all that matters.

Stop questioning all that you are & all that you do. If you get out there to experience it all, go you! If you stay home to get those naps of gold in, heck yeah. If you’re picking up pizza, you’re amazing. If you’re baking it all, mad props. Cause no matter how you’re raising them, even on the days when you feel like an epic failure, mean mom, locked in the house, frumpy, epically exhausted parent, can’t do it right parent to the standards of the world, well then you’re doing it right.

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