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Six Months Apart

Someone once told me to not try & make reading your bible a check off a reading list. Simply read until you see what he needs you to see. Read until he says ok.

I’m still so baby new in the bible & my understanding. Yet I think growth is so beautiful. I love processing with others. So I’m going to share on this journey & if you can add insight I’d love to learn.

I never realized the timing of John & Jesus birthdays. Then I began thinking how hard it was for Elizabeth to struggle for so long with barrenness. When her years passed she must have, on some level, tried to become content with the thought she’d never have a baby. For years she waited. Yet God does nothing without purpose. Because of her long wait not only was John a miracle, but also a display of love & mercy. A testimony to the power of our God. Even more so he came 6 months before Christ. Just as it was prophesied that he would tell the world of Christ’s coming. I’m not speaking of those struggling with barrenness because that’s a trial I haven’t walked so I cannot know. But I did have the thought that sometimes we wait a long time for the answer to our prayers. That God has not forgotten them, but rather he is waiting for the most perfect moment to take our one little request & magnify it beyond our dreams.

To have faith, have joy & most of all have hope. His promises are coming.

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