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Sit As He Does

My sweet little dreamer in his own little world. Sitting quietly. A rare moment for my busy boy.

He’s often so much like me. Even in the still moments his imagination runs wild & free. Taking life & using every single second of the day. Without stopping, without resting.

Until your body decides to take a hiatus whether your coming or not. I’m off of all vitamins I normally take for a few tests next week. The lack of nutrients has my body often checking out by 11am. Feeling daily as if I’m coming off the worst caffeine crash. Yet my muscle memory takes over as I plow through the day. I’ve missed yoga for an entire week & while I know I couldn’t make it through my heart struggles to be in the places I can’t. I long for it.

But today as I look at him I am learning to practice what I preach. To sit. To rest to nap. In this resurrection to give the guilt & frustration over to God. To lay it down. My heart learning to answer my body’s call for calm. I’m learning to grant the request.

So today I sat. Napped. Rested. I’m learning. From the littlest heart, I’m learning.

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