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Simply Showing Up


If you’ve got kids you know the trials of simply getting to church. No matter the struggle it may take to just show up, what our God sees is that you did just that. You showed up. You pressed in & with eyes fixated fiercely on him claimed that since he has been with you for all time we can make it for this one service. And then the next. And the next. The other night I had every excuse to go. A bad napper little, always so busy, discovering his voice, trying to do it with only two hands & who I just prayed would sleep through. But we arrived & his eyes were as wide as they were when we left

As the music started we swayed with the spirit in hopes of worshiping to just one song. God sees our efforts. And so do they. The moment the voices lifted so did his little 14 month old hands. Unprompted. Something I’ve never seen him do. To every song. Because that is what he’s seen every week. When I feel like I’m struggling to just show grace, joy & love they watch intently as to the posture of our heart through every trial. They see where we turn our eyes. To limits of stress or to s father egos blessings know no boundaries

No matter how much you feel as though you have poured out. There is always more. And if you fight with everything you have to just show up, to press in no matter how strong the wind is there is a blessing waiting. When you endure to the end, you begin to glow of the spirit. In such a way that even a baby can understand

Your efforts matter. They see our hearts just as we see theirs

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