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Silent Battles 

There’s a LOT of people out there fighting silent struggles, battles, health issues. Most of which others are aware of but few care to really understand. In this society of surface level relationships we don’t mind casually saying we’ll pray for someone but rarely do we make space or time to truly understand the footsteps of their battle. Those sick of playing the fake fake are judged for being too raw…too emotional, too depressing, carrying too much baggage. In this generation we see others, but we don’t care to understand. So too many continue to put on the face & smile wide. To fake it another day.

The glimmering hope to this is even if you never tell a soul. If you fight daily in your battle or sit alone in your internal prison…there is always one. Who sees you to the core. Understands every ounce of your sorrow. Knows every part of who you really are in your truest form. Even when you never whisper a word, there is one who knows all of your hard truth.

He listens to your prayers for healing. He carries you in the battlefield when you are too tired to walk. He sits beside you in that quiet cell. He’s is there in the morning & in the stillness of night. He knows all your flaws, all your mistakes, all your struggles…and still he loves.

When you feel as though there is no one else…there is always one.

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