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Revival In Rest


I’m not even sure how to fully process this afternoon. Today was probably the most incredible moment where I literally saw Gods army rise, the room silent as we stood for one another. Unprompted. Hands joined. Battling for the hearts of one another. The presence of the Holy Spirit so thick you could tangibly feel him. Today, fear was destroyed. Today, God won.

Fear keeps a lot of us from speaking. From sharing. From growing. It whispers lies to us about false judgment of others. About our abilities to be counted worthy because we’re still broken. Still not fixed. Still hiding a mess. Fear keeps us silent, sitting in our seats unable to move.

Yet sometimes you stand. At literally the last second. Sometimes you share against every possible muscle & desire within you. You say wait. And you look at fear straight in the face, at an ocean of others, and you breath truth that’s been begging to explode. Sometimes, you are given just enough bravery to bring those fears into the light.

You are not a bad Christian because you are still learning. You are not a bad person because you are still growing. You are not faithless because you fight to control. You are not unworthy. Unreachable. Unhealable. Ever. Because he loves you. Imperfect & all.

And as you sit, it spreads. Like holy wildfire.

Today I witnessed truth manifested.




This is women’s ministry.

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