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Review: Shutterbag’s Spree Bag

Whooooot! It’s like Christmas up in this house. On a Monday whaaaaaaa!? I think all presents should come on a Monday, it just makes the week better.

So if you’re like me (a shorty, 5 foot to the T) then you often find yourself struggling with the purchase of a camera bag. They need to hold gear, I totally get it. But when you’re 60 inches tall & most bags are anywhere from 18+ inches tall it get’s a big more like a suitcase than a bag. Which is hard cause there’s some really cute bags out there…that look like they’re half my size.

Open the heavens & enter Shutterbag. Bless these people. After owning my first bag (Girls Day Out), I was sold. So when I decided to close business down for a bit I knew I wanted to find a smaller bag that would be super universal, but would still hold my camera to document my families adventures. Within the week the Spree bag was announced. Today this little beauty arrived & it is PERFECT for what I need. I’m so happy with every aspect of this cute bag! I’m a true believer in sharing companies that create well made products, super friendly customer service & make this crazy momma life easier. Plus it’s made with beautiful leather that withstands my chaotic life (and toddler) as well as metal on the bottom so your bag doesn’t get dirty when you put it on the ground. Genius. 

Side note: please mind the bad lighting & the late night after a long day frumpy outfit…I tend to be more of the here’s how products look in real life blogger. Cause let’s be honest, it’s a good day if I can do my hear & throw some makeup on with a cute outfit.

2015-10-26_0002 I love that the long cross shoulder strap (not pictured) hooks on the ends of this so it lays flat against you. Also it’s made like a triangle which is SUPER helpful to have stuff lay flat on the bottom & not tip over. Totally has happened with an overloaded camera bag…my bad.

2015-10-26_0001THIS is why I prefer to buy a camera bag for my gear & double it as everything else. Regular bags do not have movable dividers. I’m a crazy organizer so this is really important to me.

Camera Bag (not stuffed)
2 lenses
flash, card carrier, batteries, business cards
Camera body (without grip, although it’d fit)

Diaper Bag
Diapers, wipes, powder, cream, hand sanitizer
Snacks, toys, books, wallet
Mom ER Kit
(something I made that has everything in it from tissues to eye wash drops)

Diaper/Camera Bag
Diapers, wipes, powder, cream, hand sanitizer
Snacks, toys, books, business card holder (license, debit, ect)
Camera with attached lens

Everyday Bag
Large day planner
Wallet, oils, glasses, pill case
(I’m a minimalist. You could fit TONS more in there)

2015-10-26_0003Photo credit goes to the hubby I dragged away from doing his homework…in above mentioned real person (aka frumpy) clothes.
The beauty of this bag, it’s small! Like short girls all over are celebrating that this purse actually looks like a purse & not daily luggage. Whoot! So there you have it folks. The super cute girly bag that made this frumpy country girl feel a little more like Audrey Hepburn…and a little less like the tired mom that i’m pretty sure has chili in the shape of a small handprint on her back. Bless you messy kiddo.

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