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Rest…My Least Favorite Word

Rest: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength….blah blaah blaaaaah. Whatever.

God has spoken my absolute least favorite word over this year. While some people think this means relaxing, doing whatever they want, enjoying the quiet I know it’s not what he meant when it was whispered. It means not filling my calendar, not booking sessions, saying no to things & keeping my evenings clear to learn to be still. I am an over achiever, add/adhd adult, social butterfly, chronic planner, can do it all, yes girl. I do not sit still, am not quiet, don’t have open days or less than 15 things on my to do list. Rest is not in my vocabulary.

And yet he’s asked me to walk in obedience. We are always joyously ready to receive easy words, easy tasks, easy blessings. But when he asks us to walk outside the comfort of our world we too quickly think “oh that must not be his word. Let’s keep praying”. When you know, you know & running from the journey will only delay the mind blowing blessing he has waiting for us at the end. To grow our family closer, teach us of intentional time, establish the roots of our faith & reveal all that we were made to be.

That is what lies at the end of me walking through the place that makes me roll my eyes & argue No like my toddler. This year will be hard. Big. Beautiful. So with an overly dramatic sigh I’ll choose to walk this year in the valley of spiritual discipline.

Because I know he will walk with me.

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