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Real Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is about celebrating the warrior within us. The soldier who continues to march forward in battle. With love as our banner flying high. Tender yet fierce.

I wanted to write something epically sappy. I wanted to go out for cookies with him to our favorite cafe. I wanted there to be all these pretty memories for the day. But earlier his allergies kicked in with full force & I found out yesterday my son accidentally ate something with milk in it. So here I sit outside the door of my little gremlin as he works through his emotions. Listening to the sounds of incredible tantrums & frustration. Unable to change his design we wait for it to pass. Waiting for the silent rest to come. Today there is no glamor, no relaxing, no Pinterest pictures. Today there is only perseverance. And so I march on.

Because I love him. Because I am fighting for him. Because he is worth all of my efforts. Because raising him is always greater than my agenda for the day. Because this is motherhood.

It is the greatest journey I have ever been on. One that I fully believe is my greatest calling. Asked daily to lay down my self image, my ideas of perfectionism, my over stuffed agenda, my rules of conformity & all of the me for him. I have learned to pray through tears, to seek out those within my village, to stand tall in battle knowing fully that I was created for this. I have loved greater than ever before, melted into the sweetness of his touch, been renamed mommy to which I love & found myself so obsessed with giggle filled snuggles I’ll drop almost anything. He is a mom as boy to the fullest extend & I love every bit of our bond.

Motherhood is filled with endless blessings. But victory has come from the ashes of war. Tomorrow is our day of celebration in the middle of the journey. Where we can walk in confidence, knowing we are doing the greatest work, that we are fully equipped to handle the battle, that our instincts are always right & that within each one of us lies a radiant beauty. It is a day where we get to see the glimmer of fruit that lies upon the horizon if we’d only persevere. Tomorrow is our day as warriors. As soldiers. As mothers.

I salute you. Carry on.

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