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Push Through Single Parents


This is my life during the week. Task after errand after appointment. Every day. No stop. It’s not glamorous & it’s exhausting. Writing this as I sit on the counter waiting for the cloth diapers to finish cause tomorrow’s still daycare & were out of disposables. My husband attends school during the week so I rock the single parent status all the while overwhelmed by those who do it 24/7

So it’s without question that I could make every excuse in the world not to attend church on the one day I can sleep in past 6am (thank you toddler) or skip out on house church Thursday nights because it’s like an Olympic mom race to the max

But here is my question. If you don’t fill yourself with God how are you ever going to get it all or even half of it done? Coffee only goes so far. You crave sleep if you finally get enough & are a zombie if you never get it. Parents who push it to the grind every day need a strength that is beyond this worlds capabilities. Nothing on earth will sustain is for this calling which often seems to big for any super mom

And so we should be dragging ourselves to church to soak in just an ounce of his glory. Memorizing scripture even if it means hiding for a few seconds in the pantry. Throwing everything in the car in a chaotic pile just to get to house church on time to hear the sweet worship to our Jesus

He doesn’t care if your car looks like a daycare ran through after a trip to the candy shop or that you haven’t worn makeup in…ummmm yeah

All he sees is that you came. That you held up your little tired hands & said More papa. I need you more today

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