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Psalm 37:4 Be Molded

Relax relax relax relax

I say this as a mantra inside my head more often than id like to admit. It takes a fair amount of conscious effort in order to simply physically relax. I have to focus so hard on relaxing my body & some days it’s exhausting. Tonight he spoke again of rest, of a different kind. A physical kind.

I always thought this verse was about having joy, exuding happiness & just being in a good mood. And it is. Kind of. That definition right there hit me. Pliable. Woah. Be pliable for the Lord. Relax, give him your tension, let him mold you.

If you are pliable, open to his will, his blessings, his growing of your heart…only then are you able to receive the blessings he gives with joy in spite of what we think it should look like. I love the definition of give. How latitude means he has so many ways in which he can bless & the freedom to do so. It’s why we pray for his will to be done. Because he knows best. Our papa, our abba. He knows. It’s hard to ask for something you don’t even know is an option or a blessing that you can’t fully even comprehend. So instead we ask him to give his will. Freely. Whatever that looks like.

Our desires he knows, but often they must be requested. Spoken, out loud, breathed beyond the lips. Sometimes we must petition. We must pound the gates of heaven. Again & again & again. What if that blessing awaited one more prayer? One more request? One more petition? He is sovereign in his promises. Keep asking.

Random word studies speak to me more than any other bible study I’ve ever done. Someone asked how I study…I don’t have a method hahaha I find a verse that I think speaks to me & break it down. His message to me always lies within the definitions. The beauty of the root words. Of original language. How good is he to have so many ways to speak to his children.

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