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Pausing Our Dreams

So I’m sure many of you have seen this exploding all over. The Joanna Gaines testimony of hope. Igniting hearts across the hills beyond the borders. Every single bit is gold.

Here is what literally pierced my heart. She was given a dream. Ordained by God. Spoken into fruition. Prophesied to burst wider than the dreams of the holder.

And then asked to wait. All of this hope that grew & bubbled was suddenly put in a bottle under a cap. The pressure exploding in tears of misunderstanding hearts.

I cannot explain the gold in her words y’all. So often our all seeing all knowing father leads us down these roads. We are given sight of miraculous things yet to comes, the wheels turn, we build up steam & then the breaks hit hard. In a confusion of blur we question it all. Did God really say? Was this his will? It the goodbye forever? I didn’t do it right. I didn’t try hard enough. I’ll never be what I wanted. The lies begin to whisper. They turn to loud screaming “failure”, titling our hearts. We carry that deep.

Oh if we could only have the eyes of Christ, but you can. You can. With faith build strong we hush the enemy, as we listen to the voice we’ve come to know. Our papa. For he is good & hope is in everything.

When we open dreams, we are given blessings never imagined. When asked to lay them down its to experience an even bigger blessing. So big it takes up every bit of space. The most intimate baby love consumes us in every way. Often we confuse the commission of full time motherhood with the lack of ability to over schedule, over commit & poorly balance ourselves. These are not the same things. They cannot coexist. We are given the full time as a gift because it is good to the core.

There is so much holy in laying our dreams, jobs, selves down. Walking away. Faithfully knowing he is a God of purpose. Without one step away, you cannot take another step in the other direction.

Oh how good it is to lay it down. All of it with peace. To see his face of joy. To know our dreams are safe with him. That everything has a season that comes and goes and comes again.

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