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Our Soundbooth Victory

Today was a day of victory. Of healing. Of redemption.

Today he registered perfect hearing & his ear tubes are officially gone. Today I sat with him on my lap & a smile so incredibly wide. Watching him respond to every noise, every light, every voice. Today my face was filled with pride. So different from a year ago when it was instead filled with tears as I watched him fail hearing test after hearing test. I watched him sit silently so unaware.

I remember God asking to walk this road. To trust in him, his work, his goodness. With a broken heart I had poured out my soul, brought my son to the alter & did not see healing. Yet chose to still trust him. I remember proclaiming on the kitchen floor in tears after they said he’d live with a partial hearing loss that no matter what…I would still proclaim his love. That I would trust him.

There is no way to express the joy I felt today as his mother. Hearing. Such a simple precious gift, so taken for granted. Something we thought had been broken. Today because of all of the trial, all of the tears, all of the hard, all of the sadness for my broken son…today we experienced joy on the deepest level. One that cannot be experienced without the hard. Today prayers were answered. Today we came full circle. Today we celebrated with cookies & milk. Never will I regret the journey, for it was the pain of the journey that gave me the celebration of the victory.

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