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Our Home: A Year In The Making

This is the only way I can describe the state of my heart. Daily I find myself crying “Lord this is too much…it’s too much” yet he is author of immeasurably more.

In January God promised a year of blessings. So I opened to Psalms 37:7 and with golden pen I wrote my word for 2016: Rest. He whispered “I will give you rest”. Thus began our sabbath year.

On my journey I found the word to describe the Canaan to the Israelites: Katapausis – My Rest. A noun. A place. This word sparked the fire to pray for a home, for my own resting place. One in which we could begin our legacy.

After many disappointments and the loss of a few houses our hearts grew jaded in this market of vaulters. Patiently he waited for the moment when all of the pieces would fall together. Always the greatest.

Three times this house was given offers. Full price. Full closings. Yet three times their hearts told them to wait for the ones God had promised the home to. So in crazy faith rejected them all. Their final listing went up in obedience and our call came 12 hours later. Nothing I was looking for, nothing I imagined, everything I needed. As I walked in the door, my breath was taken. My eyes read Psalms 37:7 on the wall. He knew all along. Confirmation overcame me as all worries left me.

And so for 2 months we’ve been riding out the smoothest, most peaceful, most covered by God transaction. Yet he’s all about immeasurable more. So it was. A beautiful bench I’ve loved from the beginning. Never were they able to sell it, later they decided to save it for us. Their prayer bench, handed from one marriage to the next. From generation to generation.

We would’ve cried buckets together in the home if we were not so overcome with bliss. Fellowshipping with the sellers, swapping testimonies, hugging new family. Keys were given, prayers of blessings were prayed, a legacy was passed on.

So here we are. Closing out our sabbath year as homeowners. He hears every prayer. Yet sometimes he’s waiting for just the right moment to overwhelm your story. And your heart.

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