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No White Flags


Graham Cooke is a powerhouse y’all. I found myself captivated by his words while fighting in prayer today.

Somehow days before I leave for a women’s retreat where I agreed to lead a small prayer group I became one of those rare adults who can contract hand foot mouth. Not only that but I’m quickly getting it worse than the tiny little who gave it to me. To top it off everything that was working to naturally & successfully fight his will not work on me. And the worst place is my hands. The very part you lay on others & intercede with. So here I sit in pain (this stuff is no joke) in the midst of a spiritual battle. Mad. Like fiercely mad. To the point of tears mad.

But not at my little. At the enemy. I remember Graham Cooke talking once about how quickly we claim to be defeated by the enemy. Where instead we should be exhausting ALL avenues. We forget GOD is fighting for us & the result of his will will bring the greatest glory. But we still must keep fighting. We must refuse to lift the white flag of surrender. We are warriors.

Graham Cooke is a speaker that said (loosely remembered by me) if the enemy took his voice he would write, if the enemy took his ability to write he would pray, if the enemy took his life well then he’d leave a legacy dripping of testimony. And you can’t take that once it’s out there. So here’s to fighting with all you’ve got & refusing to lie down because our mountain of a father stands behind us. There is always a way to keep fighting. 

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