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My Real World Valentine

Valentine’s number seven.

All that I was you accepted, all that I am not you still married, all that I am you love. You are my everyday Valentine. 

My real world love. 

We have an honest love. One with real trials, real “discussions”, real differences & real sometimes hard emotions. 

We have a fighting love. One with real prayers, real grace, real forgiveness & real devoted commitment. 

We have a joyous love. One with real laughter, real victories, real happy memories & real passion. 

Our valentines is forever. Thank you for loving me no matter the season. You love me by working hard, putting in years of school & always thinking of our future. You love me by giving me breaks, helping me parent & running my errands. You love me by writing me notes, holding me tight & edifying my worth. You love in tangible, real world, beautiful ways. Ones that make me feel lucky all the days of the year, not just one. Our Valentine’s Day photo always out of focus because we’re laughing so hard. The out of focus one always ends up being my favorite. It shows our joy. 

You are my Valentine’s. Every day. Every month. Every year. Oh how God has blessed me so.

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