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My Motherhood Adventure

11214135_10100103364275796_4521161399596223498_nI love all the labels throw on parenting. Love & logic, free range, baby led, baby wise…on the list goes. As if we’re all following some sort of method. These days I stare confused so out of date on the latest parenting fad that’s the only right.
Honestly? I tossed every patenting book I own. They made me always feel like a failure. All those rules made our relationship crazy. So we decided to forge our own path.

Led only by prayers for instinctual wisdom. I’m learning more about who he is each day. This season of self discovery has taught me one of the greatest things about my son. A lesson id miss if I wasn’t parenting with my heart open. What was once mistaken for wild or strong will…was simply a desire to be just like me. His spirit fiercely independent just like his mama who invented that word. So I honor him within boundaries.

We sit together on a bench for supper, the booster empty in the corner. Happily our feet swing. Adult silverware, plates, cups. We share giggles instead of tears. The battles all but disappeared.

We’ll just on the way we are even in public which I’m sure will raise some eyebrows. I’m sure “I’m asking for it later” or that I’ll hear “I’m just creating a monster” but my heart knows the truth of the wisdom given. We pray for it daily & its whispered into my soul. So together we walk this road of motherhood. This dance of honoring the soul that God created & my belly grew. We spend our days looking at the heart behind the feelings so strong & bold.

Motherhood is not a journey of me just me alone but rather of him & I.

your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children – Isaiah 54:13

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