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My December Baby

Oh my love. This season is when I find myself most grateful. Your birthday & Christmas in the same month. Something many find like such a negative but every year I see it as a special gift.

Constantly I think of that mommy named Mary that I tell you of. The mommy of Jesus. Daily she was asked to trust in God with the life of her son. Knowing a great calling laid ahead, yet I doubt she fully understood the depths of where she would walk. Always she poured out for him, therefor for us. When it came time she gave her son back to God to save us all. I think so much about that calling. What it takes as a mother to walk that road. Yet they never wavered in faith or in their walk towards salvation.

And so now I sit with you. With these blessings I sometimes can’t fathom tangibly having. My heart holds gratitude & love sometimes I can’t even comprehend. To have a son so close to the celebration of Gods son…it overwhelmed me every year.

Tonight you laid them both down. “Baby Jesus nigh nigh. Mommy nigh nigh”, his little voice whispered. He said she was tired as he laid her for a rest. Sometimes I think even if you don’t understand, your heart sees beyond your years. She was probably so weary.

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