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This is where the best of his blessings lie. My heart is always so full when my loves fill the rooms & seats. This is when it gets good. In the midst of thick prayer, the rawness of life & in the trenches battling for hearts. We have walked the heaviest of roads alongside each other & yet we still press on. Sending out yet another across the seas for a visit & refiling of goods. This group is mightier than they will ever know. Filled with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, counsellors, writers, artists, photographers, pilots, journalists, mothers, admins, engineers, cooks & surgeons. Every task you would need to fulfill great callings in the missionary field sits within this room. I looked amongst the seats tonight amazed at how specific God was in building, growing & nurturing the group. Of fighters. Of prayer warriors. Of hearts sealed together. Never underestimate the mighty works you can do by pouring into another who may be on the front lines. For in some way, we all stand together in battle. We are few, but tonight I realized how mighty

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