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About MeAfter a long walk away from the Lord through grace upon grace I found my way home.
I fell in love with the boy who always lived next door.
We wed in the funnest converse, mountain bike wedding there ever was.
Daily we thank God for the little piece of land we call heaven on earth,
surrounded by cows, within the walls of the tiniest little farm home.
I am the mother to a daredevil of a climber who rides everything with wheels.
Our life is simple, in the same way the joy is poured from our hearts.

My road to grace within motherhood has been long, perfectionism runs deep within my soul.
I read every book,  planned out every moment of how it would be & tried to conform every part of this life.
Finally I gave in to the the beautiful brokenness motherhood brings, the perfectness of it’s transformation.
To other mothers I want to bring hope that blessings exist in the every day hard,
a belief that confident courage lies within us because we are fully equipped to raise these babes,
and the truth of an honest, raw walk towards God daily, still in the baby steps of the beginning

F o l l o w   S i m p l y   K i s s e d !