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Mamas of Climbers


Dear moms of climbers:

Your doing a good job. There is a huge difference between a child who climbs & a child who is s climber. Often we get wide eyes of astonished judgment as our tiny babes master obstacles normally deemed unsafe. We’re told to just nip it in the bud early, that we need to teach them its a no no.

Yet as mothers we see them with eyes of God and know. This urge to climb is built within the definition of who they are. It is the very core of their heart & sewn into every fiber of their being. Every mom of a climber at some point has come to grips with who their child was created to be in order to reach their destiny. So instead we teach them to be safe, we explain the dangers, take them down from the highest of heights 100 times a day & have endless heart attacks when the room is silent.

We cannot contain this unbridled fearless craving for adventure that their hearts seek out daily. This ability to see the world & the ways it can be conquered is one of the greatest characteristics they will have. That drive & passion will carry they far in life. That fearlessness that stops your momma heart will move them beyond the crowed.

So mommas of climbers. Take heart. The Lord watches your babies & they are always assigned multiple guardian angels. You are a good mom. You are doing a good job. The best job.

Disclaimer: Yes I took him down after this photo. 

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