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The other weekend I was able to sit in the presence of a woman who has changed me as a mother. Only once had I met her & then my eyebrows had raised at the intensity of her passion of organic lifestyle. I’d lie if I didn’t say I was taken a back, passing judgement or two. Yet God knows the ones we need before there is ever a reason to need.

As my little has grown, the wisdom of her two cents had become like gold coins. With kind eyes she watches my babe, hands never ceasing to serve our tummies. Her smile so warm, you sit to soak of every drop of sunshine. This woman doesn’t know, but she has molded me. Chasing my mother heart back to the throne like a mama hen I am challenged by her.

Most recently her words gave validation. “You know everyone is worried about the ministry. Not the one their giving but the one they’re getting. Just remember to say, I’m sorry I can’t talk right now I need to tend to me children. See these kids, they are eternal. The work of salvation you do. That’s your priority in ministry. Your children”. Breath in.

This woman. My babe. She sees the goodness in him, she sees the salvation to come. She has poured out prayers upon prayers for my husband, my toddler, my family. Without hesitation she has stood in the gap for us. Some day I’d like to trade places with my husband & live under her roof for a week. We’ve gone past renting a room, for now it feels like a home. In his place is like to sit, drawing in all that God has taught her. It is sometimes the most unexpected hearts that do the greatest work in us. Even if she never knows, for her I say my Thank You’s.

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