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Life With Climbers


Oh my sweet baby boy. God has given you an adventurers heart. It is with fearless wonder that you conquer the world around you, everyday new victories ring loud.

As a momma I’m not ready for the bumps, the bruises & the owies filled with tears. I sit back withholding my breath as God daily whispers how close he’s holding you. It is a hard lesson of trust. One that makes me use every ounce of restraint to let you wander knowing you are in the care of our papa. That he’s never far.

Your freedoms has allowed you to climb, get down, create steps & methodically study the mountains in which you always seek to conquer. My prayer is never that you would become a safe little man always staying in the ground. No, it is that God would always protect you, challenge you to summit your mountains & give you vision to see the oath that he creates just for you.

And for this momma heart I pray that I remember to breath, to let your independence thrive & to always trust your life to the who designed your always adventurous spirit.

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