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Letter to my son – Year One!

My sweet baby boy,

There are just no perfect words to encompass this last year. So these will have to do. You amazing life has been foretold to us over & over. Every detailed spoken by our Abba in heaven. Over two years ago God spoke to your daddy & breathed the word March when we asked when our little one would come. Only 4 weeks later God was true to his word & your life was created on the first of that month. We prayed for a name & were given the name Elijah Andrew. There was no guessing of what we thought you would be, for our father promised us a son. And so you came. Even after my due date was switched multiple times & I was told there was no way that my first pregnancy, first baby would be arriving on his appointed day. Yet God called us to name you after a prophet, so in the middle of a winter storm, with no one else in the delivery unit you were determined to make that appointed date foretold long ago.

You name Elijah was given after the prophet who had an immense faith. He walked close with God, knowing him all the days of his life. When everyone else doubted his glory, Elijah challenged the city to put reputations on the line. God was with him that day & he will be with you in the same way all the days of your life too. Your name Elijah means “God is Lord”. That is a statement brimming with faith. Strong faith that I know you will cary. Your middle name Andrew, after my father, means “Strong Man”. Both names strong, fierce, mighty & full of faith. These are large names to live up to, but God chose them for you in advance. He knew your name even before I carried you in my womb. You see sweet boy. We will have a wild ride you & I. It is in your lineage, your blessing, your namesake. God has mighty things for you in your life.

This year has been filled with sleepless nights, 6 ear infections, endless colds, 2 flus, 14 teeth (4 of which are still coming), food allergies & more digging into Jesus for strength then I have ever experienced in my life. I questioned my sanity, my ability to function & my strength. Yet never did I question being chosen as the heart to be your momma, my love for you or the sovereignty of God. We have both made it a year, our bond is deep, unshakable & fierce. We have celebrated crawling at 4 months, climbing everything at 6 months, walking at 11 months, first words, favorite foods, sleep filled nights & your Hercules muscles you often use to scale things you shouldn’t. Your giggles are my kryptonite, your smile melts my heart, all cuddles render me helpless & the smell of you is sweeter than flowers.

Baby boy. We are just beginning this magical adventure. I cannot even express the depth of my gratitude that God chose me to be your mommy. That I can give you my heart entirely. The excitement bursts from within me to see what God has planned for us this next year. I love you so very very much.

Loving you always,

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