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Learning To Be Still

Today was spent the way my life should be. With my loves at home. Playing silly games, dreaming with wild imagination & making color crayon play-dough. I’ll admit, the seasons are changing & I feel a bit lost. Free time abounds, while my to do list is shorter by the day. God beckons me to still myself within this the days yet like a squirmy little I wrestle to keep from adding. I’m getting better at filling my time with intention & less with work. But it’s new & a little hard some days. It’s my belief that there’s no time in this life for raw or fake so as I walk this season out I vow to be real, brutally humbled & honest as we are all human just trying to walk out his calling. To make our hearts match out heads so our hands serve with full spirits.
So here’s to the quiet days of nothing. The honesty of real motherhood. The seasons of new filled with promises yet to be spoken

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