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It’s Ok To Wave White Flag

11 days we have been stuck within these walls. Finally on the mend we prepped for Monday. And then the ice came & kept us home another day. A tidal wave of emotions hit my heart. Another day of snuggles….another day inside these walls. We’ve painted, read, watched TV (a big deal), played with playdough, colored, baked & done everything I can think of. Twice. In desperation I asked if he wanted a fort to play under the table on the unswept floor. I’ve been here for 45 minutes crammed under this tiny table.

Which gave me time to think. There is a secret that many hold inside on long days. One that everyone keeps hush hush & dances around. An honest truth that many is often judged without hesitation & no one will admit…ready for it?

Even as mothers to babes who are our whole entire world & own our heart….there are days they drive us absolutely & irritatingly nuts. Deep breath. There. You said it. It’s out. You need a break. Space. Five minutes alone & no not hiding in the bathroom or pantry. Now ready for the truth to that? It’s normal. The other truth? You’re still filled with endless love. The ultimate truth? You’re still a good mom. The inability to withstand hours of unreasonable whining, making playdough cups only to have them destroyed repeatedly or read goodnight construction site 434790853689 times for two weeks straight does not determine your ability to be a mom or your ability to love them. It does not mean you’re not up to par as other cool Pinterest moms with brilliant activities. Your toddler is perfectly normal even if their need for fresh air is expressed in tears & an extreme decibel level after day three.

We’ve all got limits. You do. I do. Even they do. But at the end of the day when you praise Jesus for bedtime as you tuck them in after surviving another day you know. There is no other journey you’d rather walk, no other heart you’d rather serve & no they person you’d want to call yours. When it all boils down the fact that your will always love them more than they’ll ever know…that is what defines your motherhood. So be honest & give yourself grace. It’s ok to fly that white flag now and again.

Mines under the table

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