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I Am A Rainbow Baby

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

I have never had a miscarriage so I cannot speak of that journey. It is one that I have watched so many times in my friends. Words escape me, while all I want to do is hold their hearts until the morning comes. Until the fog lifts & the season of sorrow is passed. We must never let this be a thing that goes unspoken of, that is hidden. Together we must wrap our arms around these mamas, recognizing the lives lost & walking with in which ever way they need. Whether it is talking or listening, hugging or giving space, working through it with them or waiting patiently until they are ready. We must simply be there. For every mama. For every babe.

This journey was never one hidden from us as kids. Early on our hearts filled with compassion. There are so many babies my mother never met & one before me she had to say goodbye to after 9 months of pregnancy. Her heart grew weary as dreams went unfulfilled. Their testimony has always held a sacred place in my heart. After so much loss, so much pain, so much sorrow, so many years…hope came. Their rainbow baby was born. Followed by two more, all of us two years apart.

I don’t know why I decided to share. Not walking that road of pain I almost feel as though it’s not my place to tell a story. But my heart has not stopped stirring, so there it is. Maybe it’s helpful to put a face to a dream. To look into the eyes of a rainbow baby grown. To hear that hope comes, that parts of your hearts will heal, that you will be ok. I know this because I have seen time & time again. I don’t know how the ending of your story looks, for each it is different. But sweet mamas know that your story matters.

To all of the mothers walking this road, I am so sorry. Your babies are precious, every single one. I wish I could hold your hurting hearts. To others standing beside them, reach out however they need. This is the month we are simply there for them. Where ever they are in this journey. We see you & we love you.


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