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Somehow we got this crazy notion in our head that the “disciplining” is supposed to happen behind closed doors. Even when our kids are calm we raise eyebrows to the meltdown on isle six as if we forgot our own struggle. We judge without asking questions, as if our own methods are far more effective than theirs.

This nonsense makes my head spin. Have we really come to a place that has blinded us to those days of our yesteryears? I’ll be the first to bodly say, yall I ain’t got a clue what I’m doing. I’ve read this book…and that book…and all the other books. I’ve asked mom upon mom but in the end the truth still stands, no ones raising the boy who’s characteristics are a beautifully unique to this world.

So the advice is good & I’ll still ask, I’m sure I’ll still read those unfinished books filled with lots of tidbits. Except now it’s all taken with a grain of salt & I’ve learned to ask only those God has placed deep in my life. My memory a struggle so my rules now unashamedly hang for the world to see. Cause kids are kids & life is life. Each new passing day I learn to live less for the judgment of others but the approval of him. The one who pre equipped us to train up these babes. We were chosen to be their mothers because only we were perfect to care for their sweet heart.

So here’s to the stage full of fits, the prayers of patience & the growing of their hearts. To asking God for wisdom a hundred times a day. Let’s lower those eyebrows around this place. Give a friendly smile to isle six & remind her she’s doing great as an incredible mother. Because remember it takes a village & were all in this together.

Part of the prayer I whisper each night: Lord would you bring any strong will under the authority of you without changing who he is. Give me the grace of heaven, the patience of God, the eyes of Christ & the wisdom of the one who made him.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to attend to a meltdown on isle two

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