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Goodbye Sweet Farm House

Today we said goodbye to our old farmhouse rental. It was so strange to stand there surrounded by the empty rooms. Physically feeling the quiet of this place.

On the day we were baptized we saw the sign while driving home praying for new beginnings. Three days later we were declared tenants by an old farmers handshake. This was our beginning. There is so much of our testimony wrapped up within those walls. Even more so, it holds the stories of so many other lives that have graced our door.

We’ve had seasons of abundant blessings and the darkest trials trials. I’ve seen hearts broken and restored. Worship has been sung with joy and hands of prayer laid upon hearts in need. It’s helped move some out and helped move others in. We’ve shouted praises of victory and begged for life for our son. There have been picnics, holidays and birthdays. There has been life.

This home so old and worn, yet strong to the bone. It’s been our roof, safe haven, a place we could be bare with the lord. Within these walls…here is where I have found my place in The Lord.

I will miss the quirks, the creaks, the charm. I will miss the fields, the cows, country. I will miss Elijahs tree fort areas, his love for the calves, his world of open adventure. I will miss my spot on the kitchen floor where I’d meet with God. It is the end of a season, the start of another.

So there I stood to breath it in. One last time. To give space to all we have walked through, cherishing the journey. All the life. All the testimonies. All the emotions swirling within the quiet moment.

Thank you. Thank you for being so good to us.

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