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God Made Him Perfect

Yesterday we had an appointment for our little always sickie. I’m still sorting through my emotions & feel a bit in a fog. We were caught in a tailspin of medication given by doctors who innocently are taught nothing else, accepted by this first time mama honestly didn’t know any better, all the while wreaking havoc on his system. So even after a year of no antibiotics, things are still not self healing. I got home & just sort of stood there wrapping my mind about the journey towards healing we were about to embark on. Trying to release false guilt of passing on to my little health traits I fervently prayed he wouldn’t get.

And in that moment God sent this paper falling to the floor, right to my feet. Sometimes we don’t notices his nudges, but today I’m glad I saw him.

Some of us are sicker than others, broken inside or feel like a burden. Yet none of that changes the very fact that we are made by God. No matter what is happening on this side of heaven we can never change the fact that we were made by our creator. That we are loved by Jesus.

Just as we are.

Just as we come.

Broken bodies & broken hearts.

God made him.

And he is perfect.

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