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Generational Curses

It’s late. Im up way past my bedtime. I’ll pay hard for this in the morning. Yet I can’t get over this. My mind won’t shake it. So maybe this is for someone.

Earlier I read this & realized the newness we have in Christ. Many of us walk through life accepting these “generational curses” as the way it’ll always be. I’ll always be angry because that’s the way my dad was with me. I’ll always be broke because I grew up broke. I’ll never be smart because my parents never helped me. I am this way because they were this way. Their curse is passed to me.

What?!?! Look I get it. We were the kids who slept in coats in the winter so I struggle with releasing financial control with the best of them. But I’ve seen the most loving dads come from the most broken upbringing. The wealthiest people who once walked in rags. The most broken of heats stand to claim “just because that is my testimony, doesn’t mean that is my mission field”. Folks each generation is a new generation. Emphasis on new. Just because your ancestors walked a hard road, causing hurt, living a life of quantity not quality…that does not define you. Who they were is not who you are. You can walk out from underneath those generational curses dusting your feet off as you leave. Christ took it all. It. All.

God saw you & said for them I have better. For them I have greater. For them I have a new way. A new life. A new story. We are the now in our testimony, not the mistakes or sins of those prior. This is our story. It’s time we stand to walk out our own path. To live confidently in the grace so lovingly given.

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